An ongoing series that commenced in 2007, encapsulating the imaginary product of "Blue DaDa Helmets". Models pose, helmets were produced, pictures were taken, canvases were de-constructed.  

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"edgier than Banksy"

Basel Dalloul / Collector

Iconic images from yesteryear

With the Blue DaDa Zeppelin safely tethered in the background our favorite band creates a sonic blast

Great Models aren't exclusive to Paris in the 1800's  

First People/person Anita Greywolf represents the Blue DaDa Helmet.

Anita and Marlayna sell it

Photographed on a brisk winter day on the edge of a frozen over Lake Erie. The environment set the mood. These very strong women sent off a visual vibe of icy calm. All while presenting the product.

Sometimes the Artist goes too far

A half dozen of these steel mannequins were made to represent regaled  full patched ensems, of the legendary, and existent in my mind only, "The Dispicables" MC, Detroit. Of course they only wear one brand of helmet.